Adjustable Mannequin Cloth Display Tailor Dressmaker - Blue - (ST97)

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Adjustable Mannequin Cloth Display Tailor Dressmaker Blue

Whether you're after one for tailoring your own clothing, making a dress for certain occasion, or just displaying your garment in the shop, having an adjustable mannequin is definitely a plus. Whether you want to make a simple skirt or a detailed evening gown, a dressmaker mannequin definitely make the task so much easier!
Our mannequin comes with 4 different sizes that can be adjusted with 13 dials - from neck to hip, gives you the flexibility of sizes to work with. They are ready to get pin, baste and slip stitch with whatever idea you have in mind

* Nylon foam-backed fabric for pinning of patterns and fabric
* Waist length adjustment - longer upper body measurement
* 13 dials - neck to hip
* Height adjustable stand with ruler markings
* Hem gauge with clip
* Easy to assemble

* Size: 08-14
* Colour: Blue
* Fabric: Nylon
* Stand: ABS Plastic & Metal

Package Content
1 x Adjustable mannequin
1 x Assembly guide

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